Beberapa orang teman gw di Bandung dulu pernah berkata, kalau mereka menemukan save haven mereka di Bandung. Kota yang indah dan vibrant itu. Well, me too. Tapi buat gw sekarang ada satu tempat lagi yang gw anggap sebagai tempat buat melarikan diri. Pilubang.

Why? Its simple, I love the scenery, the people, and the weather. The cuisine are quite nice too. I love the people, they're friendly. But what struck me best? The memories, its lovely with a twist of sourly after taste. You know, its like the best meal you get, but after that you have something in your mouth, a hair or something and that something is I have to say goodbye to all that heaven. Eventually life doesn't give a shit about a fairy tale, a fairy tale where I get all the time to spent my life there. Reality sucks, really, it sucks.

Ah... Someday I'll be back. To have that heavenly sunset, that breathtaking hills, and that honest smile and maybe, just maybe, you'll come there with me, whoever you are.


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