Hey.. Is it September already, how are you old friend? How's that friend of yours? The one that we always talk about when I feel sad. Is she still alive anyway? Well... Take care of her. She's in every word... Fragile.

Are you still remember the first time we've meet? 24 years ago if I am not mistaken. Freshen my memory please. Its blurry, like a mirror on my bathroom. Padang Panjang is pounding with heavy rain, its cold, that's what my dad told me. Its night time right? Oh please! I hardly can remember anything until I was 3, so will you guide me through this?

Yeah, I can hardly believe its 24 years already. So much happened, and soooo much has gone wrong. I am sorry for that, put the blame on me. Its just 2 days to go till our day. Please accept this as an apologies old friend, and as a reminder to myself, that I owe you big time. Just watch my back, I'll try my best to do whats right. To right a wrong.


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