Lady Antebellum

Who the fuck is Lady Antebellum????
Its a country band, American of course. They're really good at what they do. Good lyrics and such a sweet melody. Perfect for bad or a good times. For better of worse. Haha...

So why country, simple answer, they based on true stories. Not like those MTV's bullshit that pouring our ears every days. They tell a stories about life, which is quite relevant with our life or like what Indonesian says. "Lagunya gue banget!!!". The fact is, I am such a big fans of country. Its all started with this song, Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley. When I first hear it I just fell for it. Its such a sweet song! Damn! It tell a stories about cheating, whiskey, consequences and other things. Well, sorry Coldplay, you're playlist obsolete. Its time for Country!!!



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